Our Story

Our Story

Our Mission
Ignite imagination and inspire guests to discover, create, and innovate.
Our Vision

La Nube will be the premier destination for transformative STEAM experiences, setting the standard in El Paso and the nation promoting creativity, innovation, and engaged learning, while championing biculturalism, uplifting communities, and nurturing visionary thinkers and changemakers of tomorrow.

Our Values
We believe that we are better together.

We believe that diversity is strength. Advancing towards equity is the lens we apply to every aspect of our work. Our commitment to inclusive practice and meaningful and consistent access are critical to our vision.

We value relationships.

We work every day to earn and sustain the trust of the people who choose to work and volunteer within our organization. We cultivate relationships outside of the organization so that we may play a meaningful role in advancing their wellbeing.

We believe in the power of imagination.

We believe that a soaring imagination has the power to change a person’s life and to change the world. At La Nube we create an environment where learners of all ages can reach for the clouds, be continuously curious, learn through play, and think critically.

We are passionate, positive, and humble.

We bring passion, a positive attitude, and humility to all that we do. Generosity, kindness, and empathy are dispositions that we practice in ourselves and foster in others.

Our Story

With the passage of the City of El Paso’s quality of life bond in 2012, which included funding for a children’s museum, the idea for La Nube began to form. The El Paso Community Foundation stepped up to help lead the project and secure additional funding to ensure the resulting center was both a world-class destination and accessible to all El Pasoans. Through community involvement and investment, the vision for the project evolved into a bilingual, immersive, and interactive learning center for families and people of all ages.

The development of La Nube’s name, architecture, and learning zones was directly influenced by input and experiences from our community. During the master planning process, a recurring theme was Blue Sky Thinking. The sky is limitless, undefined by borders; and the clouds can take any shape, with infinite possibilities. The sky connects us all, regardless of culture, language, age, or ability.

La Nube — Spanish for ‘the cloud’ — is the shape of imagination. The international architecture firm Snøhetta unveiled a four-story, rippling, cloud-like design to stand out in the Downtown El Paso skyline and spark curiosity about the possibilities within.

During the planning process parents, educators, therapists, and other members of the community shared their valuable experiences and expertise on the culture and values of El Paso and critical components of child development. Exhibit design firm Gyroscope translated their input into innovative and engaging learning experiences that allow guests of all ages and abilities to explore and learn through imagination and experimentation.

At La Nube, we believe curiosity and wonder should be fostered throughout life. Therefore, there are no instructions and no wrong way to interact with the installations and learning zones. Mistakes and failure are an essential part of discovery and learning. We invite you to join our mission and support the development and long-term vision of La Nube through a donation.